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A Mind Blowing Open Letter Of A Love Jihad Victim

I’m a Delhi girl, & he belongs to Pune. I met this guy in college. He was sweet, polite, & had a charming quality about him. As we spent time together, we became close friends, & started dating. But my friends were always wary of him. And they being typical superficial jerks that all friends are, claimed that I could do a lot better given the vast differences in our personalities. His financial background, his looks, the way...

Even if you don’t like India, here is why your best bet is to integrate J&K with India.

Chetan Bhagat || Dear Kashmiri friends (the ones who don’t like India), I write in this open forum because something terrible is happening in the Kashmir Valley. The recent events at NIT Srinagar only brought the situation to national attention. Some students burst crackers when India lost the T20 semi-final. Many students were beaten for raising the Indian flag. Thereafter, bloody clashes have broken out in north Kashmir. I...

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