Bangla Version Friday 28 April, 2017
Idols vandalized of Goddess Shitla and Radha-Govinda temple in Agailjhara
Published: 12:42 AM 10-01-2017 Update: 01:03 AM 10-01-2017

Miscreants demolished idols from temple in Agailjhara. The accused, Pannulal Bhuiyan who led the team to vandalize Goddess Shitla and Radha-Govinda temple’s idols in Agailjhara.

In local source, in near Seral village of Ratnapur union under the same upazila, Pannulal Bhuiyan son of Sekanda Bhuiyan vandalized these temple’s idols from Gour Halder house’s Shitla and Govinda temples.  

Police visited in the spot and assured the incident. Md. Monirul Islam, officer in charge of Agailjhara police station said that they informed the incident to upper level officers. Any complaint about this is not filed at this moment, he added. If they do complaint, we will take legal procedure.


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