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Husbands pressure women to accept militancy: Police
Published: 08:37 AM 27-12-2016 Update: 08:37 AM 27-12-2016

The women militants in custody following surrender or arrest were mostly forced into militancy by their husbands, police say.

Monirul Islam, who heads police's counter-terrorism unit, made the claim after a raid on a hideout at Ashkona led to the surrender of two women and their children, and the death of another who blasted a suicide vest.         

"There is not one female in the neo-Jama'atul Islam Mujahideen who became a militant due to their own will," he told reporters on Tuesday.

"We have learned this from the women we questioned in various cases and also from evidence collected during our operations.

"They take up militancy due to their husbands and also their social circumstances."

Three female members of the neo-JMB were arrested from Tangail's Kalihati in anti-terror raids launched in July following the deadly siege of a Gulshan restaurant and the bomb attack outside the country's largest Eid prayer ground at Sholakia.

Police then said their husbands too were involved in militancy.

Another four women JMB suspects were arrested at Sirajganj with hand bombs, bomb-making materials and extremist literature in the same month.  

In August, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested four more female suspects of the banned extremist group in separate raids in Dhaka. The women, some of them medical students, were tasked with recruitment and collection of funds.

In September, police said four women arrested from Baraitali village at Sirajganj's Kaziparha Upazila were part of a 'JMB suicide squad'. 

A member of their family, Faridul Islam aka Akash, was killed during a police raid at a hideout at Gazipur in October.        


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