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Hindus temple attacked, idols demolished in Tungiparha
Published: 09:45 AM 05-01-2017 Update: 09:45 AM 05-01-2017

Saboteurs have destroyed idols in three temples located in Gopalganj’s Tungiparha Upazila.

Police have detained two persons for questioning.

The vandalism occurred at three temples in the Jamaibazar area of the Upazila’s Dumuria Union, alleges Nirapod Basu, the general secretary of the temples’ management committees.

According to Tungiparha police OC Mahmudur Haque, police believe the incidents may be linked to disputes over shops and houses.

Senior police and administration officials, including Deputy Commissioner Md Mokhlesur Rahman Sarkar, have taken stock of the situation, said OC Mahmudur.

Temple official Nirapod Basu said that the vandals had cut through the bars protecting the Durga, Bari and Radhagovind temples and destroyed the idols.

The vandals also attempted to start a fire, but only the hair of the idols were damaged, he said.

“At least 20 idols were vandalised. We shall file a case over the incident at Tongiparha police station,” he said.
Former Union Parishad Chairman Sukhomoy Bain alleges that locals had been interfering with the religious practice of workers constructing a lock gate for the Water Development Board of the Jamaibazar area. The workers had set aside a room for praying, he said.

“Some person or persons removed the prayer mats from those rooms, which caused some conflict. In addition, Bashbaria village residents Ezaz Sheikh and Siraj Sheikh were prevented from opening their store by a group of Hindu men,” he said,

The locals resolved the situation after some unrest on Wednesday night, says Sukhomoy

“Ezaz Sheikh was seen speaking to a group of 8-10 men on Wednesday night,” he said “In the morning we found that the idols had been vandalised.

Ezaz Sheikh could not be reached for comment . He is currently absconding, said OC Mahmudul Haque.

“We are currently questioning two persons we detained,” said OC Mahmudul. “The police is expecting to arrest suspects during a raid and after that, we can solve the riddle," he said.

Local Hindus took to the streets on Thursday in protest of the vandalism.


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