Bangla Version Friday 28 April, 2017
Goddess Kali temple attacked and idols vandalized; 10 wounded with police in Jhalokathi
Published: 10:59 PM 20-11-2016 Update: 11:47 PM 20-11-2016

Jhalokathi:: Some miscreants attacked Goddess Kali temple and made collision at Baracalastha of Jhalokathi city at the time of worshiping over land dispute.

On Wednesday at night 11pm at least 10 people were injured of both sides in the incident, with police and idols also have been vandalized.

Hindu community Protested and blocked Kalibari road of the city and demanded justice against the miscreants and they also demanded arrest of attackers and trial, at a press conference in the morning.

The district administration has formed a committee to investigate the incident. Police and witnesses said, according to witnesses, a contradiction was making between the temple committee leaders and the local some rice merchant in temple premise that moment.



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