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Goddess Kali idols vandalized; 1 arrested in Magura
Published: 08:17 AM 07-12-2016 Update: 08:17 AM 07-12-2016


This time a Muslim boy named Yeasin vandalized idols of a Temple of Thakurbari Goddess Kali Temple.

The incident took place at Ramnagar Thakurbari Sarbojonin Goddess Kali Teemple of Magura Sadar Upazila on Tuesday night. Locals red handed Yeasin and handed over police that time. Arrestee, Yeasin a son of Usuf Sheikh lived in Maishakhurni area under Rupsa Upazila of Khulna district.

Priest of the Temple Utpal Chakrabati said that at night his wife Shukla Chakrabarti went the Temple and saw a boy was vandalizing idols. At that moment when she shouted that boy chased her with Trishul of the Temple. After locals came there hearing shouting and capture the boy and handed over police.

Officer in charge of Magura Sadar police station Ajmal Huda said that in the incident of idols demolishing locals handed over accuser Yeasin after seizing him. They are investigating in this incident. The proper legal procedure will be taken after investigation.


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