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An allegation of rape minority woman in Bajidpur
Published: 12:40 AM 10-01-2017 Update: 12:40 AM 10-01-2017

 A complaint of rape of a minority woman has been arised in Bajidpur. The victim woman is a wife of Nirdhan Chandra Das. The incident took place at Lalkharchar Daspar village under Didhirpar union of Kishorgonj district on Saturday night. This incident occurred by Khairul Islam who is known as vicious and smoker in village people.

In local and police sources, the victim’s husband Nidhan Chandra Das worked as manger in a brick-making institution. The day of incident Nidhan Das went in his work and in this scope the accused Kairul Islam went Nidha’s house and entered into his breaking door and tried to rape forcible his wife that time.

 After the incident Nidhan Chandra Das filed a case in Bajidpur police station. Nidhan Das complained police that Khairul, the accused threatened them after filling the case.           

Bajidpur police station’s officer in charge assuring the incident told reporter that they have got an allegation from the victim. The accused will be brought in legal procedure in soon, he added. 




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